Learning at STA

The synonym for “Learning at STA” is “SMART-Learning”. It is another word for an intelligent or smart mix of teaching and learning modes taking into consideration that the „normal“ way of teaching and learning in classrooms or workshops will not be replaced one-to-one by e-learning. The respective teaching and learning mode will be selected according to the respective desired learning outcomes on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning area; in other words: according to the learning objectives in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

Blended learning and e-learning are more than just new forms of learning. E-learning and blended learning require a comprehensive change in the school or institute.

The reasons for introducing blended learning from the STA’s point of view are manifold: 

  • learning is independent of time and place,
  • the learning outcomes can be improved by an intelligent mix of face-to-face learning and self-learning,
  • blended learning is a modern form of learning to keep up with the development towards a knowledge society.

In other words: Learning at STA is different from learning at other training institutes or technical schools.

This blended learning approach is accompanied by the training in educational labs which are equipped with state of the art educational equipment by FESTO Didactic http://www.festo-didactic.com/int-en/ and by the training and working in a real work environment.

Last modified: Thursday, 29 September 2016, 1:23 PM