Our Learning Platform

This learning platform – some people say “virtual learning platform”, “virtual learning environment” or just “Moodle”, which simply is the name of the software – is used by thousands of schools around the world.  Like a regular school building it is an arena for learning, for teaching, for interacting with other students and teachers, for organising, for sharing information, for doing assignments etc.

All students and teachers at STA have access to the learning platform via a unique login. Once inside the platform teachers and students are able to communicate and share information. This includes class notes, presentations, homework, videos and links to educational websites and other sources. Students can also securely hand in assignments and receive notes and marks from the teachers.

As student you have access to all subjects which are relevant to your training programme. Every student is personally responsible to log on the learning platform several times per week without further notice or request by the teachers. 

We know that this is a new way of learning and communicating most of us are not yet used to. But this is one of the ways we will communicate and learn in the future. 

If you have a question or problem regarding the use of this learning platform please go to the section “How to use this Learning Platform” and learn about all Moodle-features.

We wish you lots of success in your training programme.

The STA-Team

Last modified: Saturday, 25 March 2017, 9:43 AM